Invisalign 101: Clear Aligners for Adults Over 30

Welcome to Stuart Dentist, where we specialize in clear aligners for adults. Find out how cosmetic dentistry in Stuart, FL, can improve your well-being. Adults over 30 can see dramatic, long-term differences through cosmetic dental work like Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces. Learn more about how Invisalign clear aligners can benefit adults who want and need to correct their teeth and smile.

Uses for Invisalign Clear Aligners for Adults
Typically, when we think of braces, we are focused on transforming teenagers’ teeth before the permanent teeth are fixed in position. However, with Invisalign in Stuart, FL, even adults over 30 can benefit from the cosmetic dentistry of clear aligners. In fact, thanks to the discreet way that clear aligners work, adults can easily transform their smiles without being noticed. With Invisalign, adults can move teeth and gum tissue to new positions with minimal pain and effort. Patients can slowly shift teeth and allow the gum tissue to heal throughout the process for healthier corrections.

Benefits of Invisalign for Adults Over 30
Clear aligners are worn at night or during the day and removed to clean the wearer’s teeth and gums. This improves the functionality of braces while reducing plaque and bacteria build-up caused by prosthetic appliances. Adults gain control over their dental correction without hiding their smile throughout the process with metal brackets and wires. See what you would look like after Invisalign with a Digital Smile Design.

Transform Your Smile in Stuart, FL, With Invisalign
Contact our dental office at Stuart Dental by calling 772-287-1671. Our top-rated dentists in Stuart, FL, including Dr. Panchal, Dr. Cogan and Dr. Kleiman is ready to assist you with cosmetic dentistry. Our services along with Invisalign clear aligners include Teeth In A Day, Smile Makeover, and dental implants.

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