Invisalign 101 – An Introduction with FAQs for Prospective Patients

Are you unhappy with the alignment of your teeth? If so, you may not have to go with metal braces to achieve a smile you can proudly share. Invisalign treatment in Stuart, FL is a viable option for many patients. Take a look at Invisalign treatment and the most common questions prospective patients usually have for the dentist.

First, A Closer Look at Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign orthodontic treatment involves using a series of clear aligners to gradually force the teeth to change positions. A special smile mapping software is used to create a digital model of your teeth, and that model is used to make your custom aligners. You will wear each aligner for a few weeks, and each aligner is slightly different.

Common FAQs About Invisalign

How long will smile alignment take with Invisalign?

Most patients start to see some improvement in their teeth alignment in as little as a few weeks. However, the full treatment duration can vary depending on your personal situation. You may only need Invisalign treatment for six months for mild issues, but treatment can take 18 months or longer for more moderate alignment concerns.

Can you wear the aligners while you eat or sleep?

Aligners should be taken off when you eat, but they should be worn when you go to bed. Taking the aligners off while you eat prevents damage to the aligners but also makes it possible to enjoy whatever foods you want without concern. Wearing the aligners while you sleep gives you a solid stretch of time for the aligners to work.

Can adults benefit from Invisalign?

Invisalign smile alignment is suitable for both adolescents and adults. You can even opt for Invisalign if you have undergone some restorative work, such as dental crowns or veneers.

Talk to a Top-Rated Stuart Dentist About Invisalign

For individuals looking for an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign can be an exceptional option to discuss with a Stuart dentist. If you are looking for the best possible experience, reach out to the team at Stuart Dentist to schedule an appointment.


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