Beautiful Solutions for Smile Repair

A beautiful smile can make you feel more confident. It can make you more likely to laugh throughout the day and more likely to enjoy meeting new people. If you’ve always had a beautiful smile, you may not think much about the many advantages it brings. But if your smile is less perfect than you would like, then restoration may be the solution. Your dentist in Stuart, FL, can help.

What Are My Options for Smile Repair?

Your dentist has many solutions for fixing dental imperfections. The most common ones are aimed at whitening teeth that are discolored, straightening teeth that have grown crooked, and replacing teeth that are missing. Your dentist can also fill unsightly gaps between teeth and hide minor flaws, such as cracks or chips in your teeth, through the following methods:


Veneers are thin shells that are made to fit perfectly over the front of an imperfect tooth. They can hide chips, cracks, and discolorations. They’re dyed to match the exact shade of white of the surrounding teeth, so nobody can tell you’re wearing a veneer.


Crowns are small caps made to fit over individual molars. They’re the color of enamel, which means they’re nearly impossible to detect. They help stabilize and strengthen teeth after a root canal or other procedure.

Teeth Whitening

When your dentist whitens your teeth, they use a strong hydrogen peroxide solution that can make your teeth appear several shades lighter in just one treatment. Teeth whitening is done in your dentist’s office, and you can usually see the results right away.

Dental Implants

If you have teeth that are missing or extracted, your dentist can replace them with prosthetic teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. These teeth, called implants, are rooted in the gum and never need to be removed for cleaning, eating, or sleeping.

Beautiful solutions for smile repair in Stuart, FL, begin at Stuart Dentist. Call today to book your appointment.

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